Contrast Invited to Attend 22nd Annual Technology Assurance Group (TAG) Convention in Charleston, South Carolina

March 22nd, 2023 by admin

Deverse group of business people at a corporate convention/team seminar.

Leading MTSP Invited to Conference with Thought Leaders on Exceeding Customer Expectations

NE and Central PA – Contrast, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP) was invited to attend and share their expertise with top industry organizations at the 22nd Annual Technology Assurance Group (TAG) Convention in Charleston, South Carolina. The private event will take place at the Marriott Charleston on March 26-28, 2023 and will feature many of the best minds in the United States and Canada who specialize in IT, cyber security, VoIP, video surveillance and copier solutions. Contrast was selected because of its reputation as a thought leader in the marketplace, its unparalleled ability to deliver exceptional customer experience and its propensity to contribute to the technology industry.

The focus of the convention is “Exceeding Customer Expectations” and all of the speakers will distill how they’re delivering the proverbial “above and beyond” experience to their customers. In a world where most businesses provide a lackluster customer experience at best, Contrast is attending this event because it is brimming with innovative ideas to share. “It’s important to us to remain on the leading edge when it comes to exceeding our customers’ expectations,” stated John Uehling, CEO of Contrast. “Many companies boast about delivering a fantastic customer experience; however, only a small portion of those companies actually measure their customer experience with data and only a fraction of those companies invest the time, energy and expenses into attending events like this. Just as we consider it our duty to remain current on the latest business technology solutions and how they can enhance organizational productivity, we find it equally important to make sure we’re constantly finding new methods to improve our customer satisfaction levels.”

Speakers will discuss best practices related to improving company culture, fostering camaraderie, improving customer relationships over the long-term and how to elevate customer experience so that they earn more trust. Uehling also said, “When we spend time rigorously researching how to improve customer experience, we always see the results in our interaction with our customers. We're not just looking for new information for ourselves, but we’re looking for innovative tactics and strategies that we can deploy in our clients’ businesses, as well. Every industry is unique and as much as we’re intending to make sure we optimize our own business with world-class service, we’re also looking for new ideas that would give our clients a strategic advantage in their industry,” commented Uehling.

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