Do I Need to Switch My Business to VoIP Hosted Phones?

December 20th, 2021 by admin

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Communication is the lifeblood of any organization. Therefore, your business needs the highest quality phone systems to ensure seamless communication and connectivity for internal communication between employees and external communication with customers, prospects, and partners. Such a connection is only possible with VoIP hosted phone systems. Hence, if you are wondering whether to switch to VoIP phone systems or not, then we’d say jump on the bandwagon before it is too late.

Businesses across industries are rapidly transitioning to VoIP phones for all the right reasons, so should you! Read this post to get a good understanding of VoIP hosted phones and how the decision to switch from legacy phone systems to VoIP can benefit your business in many ways. Take a look:

VoIP Hosted Phones — A Quick Overview

Unlike legacy phone systems, a hosted VoIP system provides you with a phone setup that works via the internet. Hence, your business can receive and make calls through a hosted phone system with a cloud PBX. The incoming and outgoing calls are managed through the online server using a VoIP connection.

5 Simple Steps to Understanding How VoIP System Works

VoIP hosted phones are quite easy to use. Here’s how they work:

  1. First, you have to find a VoIP hosted phone provider like Contrast that specializes in this service. Once you partner with a VoIP service provider, they will connect you with off-site data centers.
  2. Now when you receive an incoming call, it will go to your hosted VoIP system.
  3. This system will convert the call data into digital packets that are transmitted via the internet connection. Hence, the VoIP aspect of the hosted phone system.
  4. The call is routed to your desk phone.
  5. The digital packets are converted back to voice messages when you pick it, thereby establishing a connection.

Moreover, as VoIP phone systems are hosted in the cloud, it gives you the power and flexibility to convert any device with an internet connection to receive and make phone calls. In other words, you can make your mobile phone, desktop, landline, and laptop your business phone. As a result, you can deliver exemplary services to your customers whenever they reach out to your business for assistance.

How Can VoIP Hosted Phone System Power Your Business to Success?

Here’s how VoIP hosted Phones can benefit your business:

Quick and Easy Installation

In the highly-competitive world of today, businesses can’t afford long hours of planned or unplanned downtime. Downtime can result in a loss of hundreds of dollars. Therefore, the first advantage of switching to VoIP hosted phones is that there are no long hours of downtime. Hence, you can transition as conveniently as it can be. The installation and setup are entirely online. This ensures there is no interruption or disturbance during business hours within your office.

Massive Cost Savings

Once VoIP phones are installed in your organizational landscape, you can ensure massive cost savings, which means higher profit margins. Wondering how? Well, this is because hosted phones spare you from the cost of buying a new haul of equipment. You can use the same equipment you already have, such as softphones, desk phones, mobile devices, and VoIP handsets. Therefore, there is no additional cost.

Besides this, a cloud-based VoIP system helps your business save thousands of dollars in operating expenses. You don’t need to hire extra staff for system maintenance or visit your premises to fix issues. Everything is managed in the cloud by the VoIP service provider.

Excellent Flexibility for Remotely Located Staff Members

If your organization embraced the remote teamwork culture during the pandemic and you want to continue with it, your business can truly benefit from the flexibility VoIP provides to remote teams. The service extends excellent flexibility for remote team members to connect and communicate with team members in the office, customers across the globe, and partners alike.

The VoIP service provider offers software that your remote team can download on their communication devices. Next, the service provider then makes a connection, and all calls are easily diverted to the devices of your remote team members.

Additionally, there is no difference in the service quality or connection’s performance which means your team can deliver the best service to your clients and ensure a unified connection from anywhere, at any time.

For more information about VoIP hosted phones or installation services, contact us today. We are experts in VoIP hosted phone systems. Let us help transform how your business communicates by leveraging the power of VoIP systems.

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