Get a Personalized Remote Workforce Solution With Contrast Communications

August 9th, 2020 by admin

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When it comes to setting up a remote workforce, many other service providers only offer a one size fits all solution. They aren't able to develop a distinct solution that works for businesses that are looking for something more. Companies seeking solutions to match their need of switching back and forth from remote to on-premise or have both running simultaneously have trouble getting exactly what they require. That's where Contrast Communications comes in, as we can customize our innovative solutions to fit your unique needs.

Unlike many other services provides, we offer scalable solutions that can help any approach you're taking for setting up employees to work remotely:

  • Cybersecurity & Network Security- Our security solutions offers scalable protection for workers at any locations. As it includes intrusion prevention, reputation-based threat protection, URL filtering, spam prevention, gateway antivirus, application control, and network discovery. As well as cloud and virtual firewalls to protect your infrastructure
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) & Password Management- With an MFA solution, you can protect your assets, accounts, and information using a simple mobile app on your phone. While our ContrastKey offers a password protection system that is both cloud-based and automatic. Keeping you protected from data breaches and network vulnerabilities by ensuring your remote worker's credentials stay safe and secure.
  • VoIP phone systems & UCC - VoIP phone systems can link to multiple locations, providing workers with direct extension dialing anywhere they can connect to the internet. Meanwhile, our unified communication and collaboration services (UCC) allow you to easily set up conference calls, web collabs, video conferencing, and screen sharing regardless of the users device or location.

Not every business has the same plans for their remote workforces, so why should the settle of cookie-cutter solutions for them? Contact Contrast Communications and get unique solutions that fit your exact needs.

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