Helping Businesses Be Secure and Productive While Working Remotely

December 30th, 2020 by admin

A man working from home using a computer and talking on his phone

The pandemic caused many changes to the way businesses operate. Businesses adapted to the changes by having employees work from home, but that created new challenges. Cybersecurity, along with communication and collaboration, has become an issue that needs to be addressed. Contrast can help your company address these issues, which will allow your business to communicate and collaborate effectively while being safe from cyber threats.


Moving to a remote workforce has created potential openings for hackers to exploit. Some employees are using personal computers to complete work tasks, and they could be infected with Malware. Once that computer connects to your network, your business is potentially compromised. Any amount of downtime could be catastrophic to your company, and even more so now during the pandemic when budgets are tight. We recommend a proactive approach to ensuring your data networks are safe from unwanted intruders.

Our security solutions include intrusion detection, spam prevention, and antivirus. Additionally, we can implement multi-factor authentication or a password management solution. These services will ensure that your business is protected from threats and will allow your remote employees to be secure while working from home.

Communication and Collaboration

With employees working remotely, high-quality communication and collaboration can be challenging to achieve. At Contrast, we offer Microsoft 365, which will provide your employees with the tools they need to be productive at home.

Microsoft Teams is an excellent communication tool. Your employees can quickly and effectively communicate via the chat functionality. Additionally, the video conferencing functionality will allow employees to collaborate on projects. Included in the video conferencing functionality is screen sharing. Screen sharing is great for educational purposes, whether that is showcasing your products and services to potential customers or interoffice meetings about new procedures.

At Contrast, we want your company to succeed, whether in the office or working from home. Our cybersecurity solutions will keep your business protected from cyberattacks, and Microsoft 365 will give your employees the tools they need to communicate and collaborate effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how they will help your business succeed.

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