How a Hosted Phone System Can Improve Your Business

May 4th, 2021 by admin

A mobile phone, laptop, and tablet all displaying a cloud surrounded by different icons over a greenish-blue background.

The ability to effectively communicate is a fundamental part of any business. A reliable phone system is a critical component in building long-lasting client relationships; an unreliable one is a drain on resources and a detriment to your bottom line. When it comes to a new, high-end phone system, you won’t find a better choice than a hosted phone system from Contrast. Our hosted phone solutions offer everything a business is looking for, and more. From cost savings to unified communications, our offerings have something for every business.

Hosted Phone Features

Here are just some of the features that our solution has to offer:

  • Mobile & desktop integration
  • Transfer call
  • Unified communications tools such as messaging & conferencing
  • Reporting functionality for:
    • outgoing and incoming calls
    • custom reports via existing templates, or create your own
    • call count
    • time taken to answer or abandon a call
    • call frequency
    • times of day calls were made
    • call lengths

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