How Your Business Can Benefit From a Unified Communications Solution

June 3rd, 2020 by admin

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As the lines between the office and home begin to blur with the work cultural shifting, effective communication and active collaboration have become more important than ever. Without the proper tools being utilized, productivity and efficiency are doomed to suffer. This causes a cascading effect across your business, that can even go as far as hurting your customer's overall satisfaction. Your business requires a system in place that not only improves communication but provides benefits that affect your business as a whole. It needs a unified communications solution from Contrast Communications.

For those that don't know, a unified communication solution is the integration of real-time communications services across multiple mediums such as fixed-line phones, mobiles, and PCs. This system provides businesses with 5 key benefits:

5 Benefits Unified Communications Has to Offer

  1. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

    Unifying your communications makes it easier for you and your employees to do their job. As the ability to have incoming calls route to wherever they are; their office phone, mobile, or a phone application on a computer or laptop. This naturally reduces the possibility of missing that important phone call and helps save time when it comes to simpler work tasks.
  2. Greater Security

    The most fundamental security advantage of a unified communications solution is its level of integration. By having all of your applications consolidated into a single system, securing them becomes significantly more straightforward. Now instead of having multiple insecure channels, you only have one system with end-to-end security protecting all applications, data, and communications within your network.
  3. Lower Operating Costs

    With a unified communication solution, you are no longer beholden to the rental costs of analog phone lines. As all calls will be made over Voice over IP (VoIP) for integrating with the different communication platforms. This also means you no longer are required to pay for the costs of having the infrastructure of other systems. Such as obtaining rack space, paying energy bills, or the cost of configuring and managing its connections.
  4. Connecting Remote Workers

    This solution not only lets you connect your employees across any distance, but it also allows them to handle tasks that can't typically be done from home. By redirecting their fixed number to a mobile device with unified communication, they'll have all the desired functionality of an office phone at any workstation. Remote employees will be able to receive and make calls with their office number, host conference calls, transfer calls, and listen to voicemails all while at home.
  5. Better Customer Satisfaction

    For many businesses, technology investments deliver the greatest value when they boost both customer satisfaction and loyalty. Unified communications drive internal productivity and efficiency, as stated above, which commonly results in better products and services. This translates into a faster and more reliable product delivery and services experience for your customers, which increases the chances of them having a positive association with your business.

When you look at just 5 of the things that our unified communications have to offer, it's clear why this solution is the future of business communications. Don't let your business fall behind in adapting to the work culture, get the solution that will make your business better then it ever has been before.

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