Why a Proper Data Recovery Plan Is Important for a Company with Remote/Hybrid Workers

August 12th, 2022 by admin

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Your business’s data is one of its greatest assets. As such, you need to protect it. Cyber criminals are always looking for a way into your system to gain access to your data. However, data theft isn't the only concern.

While in-office workers do feel the consequences of this, remote workers – a concept which is now quite familiar – are the ones who face the most drawbacks too. If you're a company with many remote/hybrid workers, securing your data and managing it on the cloud with a proper recovery plan should be your priority.

Reasons to Have Data Recovery Solutions While Working Remotely

As a business owner, you should fully understand that post-pandemic, people have majorly opted for remote work. While working from home comes with its many benefits, it also comes with drawbacks. What are they?

Well, an unsecured system and chances of data loss. Therefore having a proper plan to secure your data is essential for any company. If you're not convinced, here's why a recovery backup plan is necessary.

  • Human Error

    While we are the most intelligent and efficient working form in the world, there is no denying that we are capable of making errors too. Human errors are inevitable and can happen in a blink of an eye – unintentionally, of course.

    There may be chances that a remote worker might burn their hard drive, which has all their data or click on something which deletes their entire system altogether. With such minor mistakes, huge losses can happen.

    A data recovery and backup plan are significant to avoid such losses.

  • Competitive Data

    Data is a crucial aspect of any company and the core foundation on which it stands. However, each year you hear how some companies lost some of their most critical data, which did not have a backup and soon fell into shreds of failure.

    You don't want this to happen, right?

    While you may believe data loss through cyber hacks is only common in bigger firms, this is untrue. To date, smaller companies are more prone to losing their data at the hands of cyber criminals. So if you have many workers working remotely, you need to provide them with a proper recovery plan before your company falls into a heap of debris too.

  • Natural Disasters

    All remote/hybrid workers stay in touch and access most of the company’s data through their cloud service. However, no matter how efficient cloud services are, we know that all it takes is some unexpected factors for your cloud servers to go down.

    One such unexpected factor happens to be natural disasters. Mother Nature can outdo even basic human errors and cause damage in ways you have never expected. A minor glitch in the weather and your cloud servers and firewalls can go down without a fight causing you to lose all data.

Where Can You Find the Best Data Backup and Recovery Service for Your Company?

Getting data stolen is a threat that all businesses can experience. It's not just the large firms that are targeted. Because smaller companies may not have safeguards of a stronger security solution in place, they can be an easy target. Nefarious characters will exploit any opportunity.

Whether you're a large firm or a small one, you'll lose data, and your remote workers are the ones who will be impacted by the consequences. Having a proper data recovery plan is vital, and Contrast provides you with just that. We'll help you form an appropriate strategy for your business with solutions that will benefit you. So what's not to love?

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