How Securing Your Network Can Protect Your Business

February 25th, 2020 by admin

A man with his face concealed by a black pulled up hoodie, looking at all the data displayed in front of him.

When people think of protecting their businesses from external threats, they think about a security system or making sure their data is secure. While those are good precautions to have in place, you might be neglecting one of the most vulnerable back doors for your business. Your WiFi. If your private network doesn't have a secure wireless access point, your business could be at considerable risk.

WiFi reaches significantly further than you may think, as it is possible for the network to extend over 300 feet through the air. Meaning that someone in a neighboring building or even just passing by on the street could attempt to connect to your private network. If they do manage to make their way in they can achieve the following:

  • Monitor all the websites that you or anyone else using your networks visits.
  • Copy your log-in credentials that are used to access your systems or accounts, and then sell them on the dark web.
  • Read your emails which can give them access to your client's email address, leaving your liable for the damages that can cause.
  • View all the files on any computer or device connected, and make copies of them.
  • Perform illegal activities or spread viruses using your Internet connection, leaving your business as the traceable start to those deeds.

When you assess the damage that can be done, can you really afford to leave your WiFi unsecured? Don't allow your business to ignore such a huge security vulnerability that could lead to a devastating data breach. Call Contrast Communications today and promptly secure your private network with our managed service.

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