Hosted Voice Solutions

A number of Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") and associated telephony and collaboration services are available. The system is designed to deliver voice information over the internet. VoIP phone systems offer the advantage of cost savings by eliminating tolls of traditional telephone services. The system is designed to deliver voice information over the internet. Slash calling costs, streamline operations, and increase your employees' productivity with our on-premise VoIP of cloud voice solutions.

Do you have multiple office locations? VoIP phone systems are able to link each location, providing you with direct extension dialing and enabling least cost routing. Least cost routing reviews your outgoing calls and will automatically dial the number with the cheapest/non-long-distance call possible. These are just a few of the features and benefits of having multiple locations linked together.

Contrast offers unified communication and collaboration services (UCC) to enhance your company's productivity. This will allow you to easily set up conference calls, web collaboration sessions, video conferencing, mobile workspaces, and screen sharing. Today's businesses use a myriad of devices to stay in touch. We can make the collaboration process simple between your mobile phones, email, instant messaging, and voicemail. Your business could not only support these discrete tools but also integrate them to allow the most natural flow of business communication regardless of location or device.

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